Terms and Conditions

Greetings, Dear User!

Welcome to KUUH, your friendly neighbourhood Internet Provider! By using our digital wizardry (that’s our “Services”), you’re shaking hands with us, KUUH Internet Services (Pty) Ltd (“KUUH”, “we”, “us”). Just remember, we’re doing this tango in the ever-energetic Republic of South Africa.

Oops, Something Broke?

  1. We assume our Services to you are running smoother than a jazz tune unless you report any hiccups to our Support Band.
  2. Encounter a snag or the Internet’s taking a nap? Holler at us through an email at info@kuuh.co.za.
  3. We’ll then channel our inner superheroes and team up with our sidekicks (aka service providers) to tackle those pesky problems during office hours.
  4. Heads up though, if you accidentally spilled coffee on your router or caused the problem, we’d have to ask you to cover the repair bill.

Money Matters & Cancellations

  1. If our network decides to take an unexpected siesta, causing downtime, we’ve got your back! You’ll get a credit. But if the downtime is on you, that’s a different story.
  2. Smashed your equipment in a fit of rage? We’ll fix it, but we’ll have to charge you for the repair, and we’ll let you know how much before we start the operation.
  3. Break-ups are hard, we get it. But if you need to cancel, write us a letter giving one month’s notice. Oh, and if it’s less than 6 months since we started dating, or your account’s a bit behind, there’s a R999 break-up fee.

Identity: Who Are You, Really?

Keeping it legal with RICA (they’re the good guys, promise!), we’ll need to check you’re really you before you can jump onboard our internet express.

Send us a bright, clear, full-colour copy of your South African ZA Green Barcoded ID book, Smart Card, or your globe-trotting Passport (for our international amigos). Remember, we need the copy, not the original!
Now, let’s confirm you live where you say you do. Got a Bank Statement, Municipal Bill, or Cellphone/Retail Account that’s fresher than a 3-month-old cucumber? Perfect! Or any other document that drops in your mailbox monthly, showing your name and residential address, and is younger than 90 days? That’ll do too!

Remember, you’re joining the KUUH family, so let’s keep it all above board and cool. Enjoy the ride!

Play Nice With Our Services

  1. Our Services are for your personal Netflix binges, not your cousin’s tech startup. For commercial uses, shoot us a request in writing.
  2. Don’t go rogue! No illegal activities using our Services. That includes, but isn’t limited to, distributing the latest blockbuster movie, hacking into the Pentagon, or sending out viruses.

Not On Us

We’re only human, and sometimes things can go wrong. If there’s a loss or damage from using our Services, it’s on you, unless we goofed up.

Your Secrets Are Safe With Us

Your personal data will be treated like a state secret, guarded by our Privacy Policy, and obeying the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) of South Africa.

Keep Up With The Times

We may need to tweak this agreement as we evolve. We’ll give you a heads up through our website or an email if anything changes.

Home Advantage

We play by the rules of the Republic of South Africa. If any disputes pop up, they’ll be settled in the courts of our beautiful country.

Service Provision and Speeds: Fasten Your Digital Seatbelt!

  1. Welcome to the KUUH speedway, where we aim for peak performance but, hey, we’re not wizards. Our Services run on a “best-effort” basis and there might be some speed bumps, so sit tight and enjoy the ride!
  2. Our Kuuh internet speeds are like supercars — fast, efficient, and mostly near the top end. That’s our promise and what we strive to deliver.
  3. Just like a dedicated pit crew, we’re always working to keep you in the speed lane. But there may be moments where things are slightly slower — it’s the nature of the race, after all!
  4. We may not be able to guarantee a minimum speed, but we’re always pedal-to-the-metal doing everything within our power to keep your digital journey at supercar speeds. If at times you find the pace a bit relaxed, don’t worry! We’re already fine-tuning things to get you back in the fast lane.

Say Hello

If you need help understanding this cool, fun, yet legally binding agreement, or want to chat about our Services, feel free to send us a email info@kuuh.co.za